daryl + heart eyes (gazing at his wife)

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"Don't you think that's beautiful?"
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"Established in the first episode you will see one new relationship and potentially a couple more. […] As regards Daryl Dixon […] um, I think there’s a really interesting relationship between Daryl and someone that you may not think… I don’t wanna give too much away. But there’s a beautiful episode between his character and another character that has just been, uh… I don’t wanna say any more than that. It might be someone you least expect."
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If you fight like a married couple, talk like best friends, flirt like lovers, and protect each other like siblings, then you were meant to be.

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I’m sure he looks at her with a new respect and in a whole bunch of different ways. Not only can she fight and protect herself but, she’s opened up a soft spot inside of Daryl. And that’s probably the area that he’s most uncomfortable with in the world; more so than a zombie apocalypse. -NR

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I went from being obsessed with Daryl to being obsessed with bethyl and now I’m just completely obsessed with Beth …I really hope she kicks ass next season

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Anonymous asked: Do you think the TWD writers waited for Beth's character to be 18 before pairing him up with Daryl? I mean, seriously, EK and NR have chemistry (obviously), but why pair them up only now? And once Beth is 18 they suddenly wrote a whole episode dedicated to their characters? Makes me think they've thought about this a looong time ago but couldn't do anything because Beth was underage. Daryl and Beth are not in the comicbooks so they can definitely write a lot of storyline between these two right?



You know, I honestly think this is all Scott Gimple’s doing. I honestly think if he did not take the helm for S4 that Beth would either be dead or still very much a background character. He obviously looked at all the characters and saw what he wanted to do with them.

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 Will Daryl ever find love?
 I would say Daryl has already found familial love. If you’re talking romantic love…I’m gonna say I think so. 

Will we ever find out what happened to Beth in season 5?
 Absolutely. Absolutely.

Is there gonna be another romance apart from Glenn and Maggie in season 5?
 You know what? I’m gonna say yes.

OMG OMG ! My Bethyl heart!

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Asked if Daryl would find love (and the answer was YES) and the very next question was if we’d find out where Beth is (and the answer was YES)

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Hmm I smell a bethyl shipper and his name is Scott Gimple…

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